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IELTSPRO is the best english speaking institute in chandigarh.English is the basic need of nowdays. but finding good english speaking institutein chandigarh is bit tough to learn english easliy and fluently. Everyone can learn english by putting  little efforts daily.

Why is it important ?

1 First and foremost reason to learn it is that English is the most commonly spoken language round the globe. It is the way of communication in the main employment sectors such as computers ,tourism ,politics and most importantly media industry .so ieltspro is the best english speaking institute in chandigarh.

2 More than 100 million people speak English and it is official language of 53 nation.

3 It is the communication way of internet . Many websites show their content in English only.

4 Learning it will also help you to learn to different cultures and traditions as well.

English speaking institute in chandigarh
English speaking institute in chandigarh

Who should learn ?and Join English Speaking Institute in Chandigarh

1 Job Aspirants:-

 A lot of MNC’S around the world need English speaking employees. In some cases it is an eligibility.

2 Travel Enthusiasts:-

 As it is understood by every one person out of the five, so all travel enthusiasts should learn it.

3 Students:-

Students who wish to study abroad in a global environment must learn this language.




And the list is endless.

How To Reach Us

How To Reach Us


Best Ielts Institute In Chandigarh, Mohali

C-133, First Floor, SAS Infonet Building, Industrial Area, Sector 72, Phase 8, Mohali

Call now: 9317788822

How We Teach ?

Methods to learn at IELTSPRO

  • Ideas Generation & formation in English

Translating is most difficult thing while learning English. So, here we do rigorous exercises to help a        student with generation & translation in English.

  • Group Discussions :-

Confidence in the main key to be a fluent speaker. Here at IELTS PRO, make the student to take active part in GD’S  public specking exercises so that they can become expert speakers, bearing extraordinary confidence.

  • Practical learning Through Audio – Video tutorials

When you are at IELTS PRO , you will learn through a series of audio – video tutorial , under vigilance so as to make it creative and one of your favorite area of interest


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