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Ielts Listening Tips


  • Point to remember:
  1. Listening test is the same for both Academic &GT students.
  2. The audio can be in different accents. However the most common would be British or Australian.
  3. Spelling accepted are either British English. Or American English spelling.
  • Test is 4 section:(Probable ideas)
    • Section1: Generally a talk between 2 speakers such as telephonic conversation for booking organizing etc. special attention should be given for names, dates times, places &numbers.
    • Section2: Most probably a talk by one speaker giving details about an organization structure etc.
    • Section3: A group talks between 3or4 people. Regarding their work presentation etc.
    • Section4: Generally a subjective talk by one speaker.
ielts listening tips tp score 8+ bands


  • Recoding is played once only. So an aspirant must practice full test several lines before final exam. More over you need to be a multi asker that is being able to read questions listen for answer 4 write down the words simultaneously.
  • There is no negative marking so if you don’t know an answer gives.
  • If is suggested to write answers in capital letters.
  • Be most careful regarding instructions (that is number of words and or number).
  • For words 4 numbers.
    • A year “1993” is counted as one number.
    • A big number “1000000” is counted as one word.
    • A Hyphenated words “full time” is counted as one words.
  • Be most attentive while writing spellings.
  • If you miss an answer, don’t worry and move on so that you can attempt next questions.
  • Don’t try to understand everything. Just focus on Main answers.
  • Most importantly “CONCENTRATE”

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