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ielts reading tips


  • Point to remember:
  1. Reading test is different for both academic &GT students. However the major question type’s number of 4 sections remains the same.
  2. General training reading.

Exam is in 3 sections.

  • Section1: One two or three short tests about different topics. These are not long in length and generally contain facts.
  • Section2: This is somewhat similar to section1. The length just slighting more than previous section and information about pay schemes work conditions or instructions etc.
  • Section3: Usually a single test which is most lengthy and difficult.
reading tips

Academic reading.

Exam is in 3sections although it is tough as compared to general training exam.

  • Section1/2/3: Single test sections quite lengthy and comparatively difficult.


  • Skimming & scanning:

It means going over through passage to get an idea of description. This is a must before doing questions. It helps in locating information quickly.

  • Enhancing speed in reading:

For each passage you get approximately twenty minutes challenging your to do 7th task on time. So you must develop good reading speed in order to complete task on time.

  • Keywords:

These are certain words that will be there in each question helping you to locate the lo9cation of the answers. So you should learn to spot them correctly.

  • Develop vocabulary:

Practice more and more before final exam and develop relevant vocabulary. You can do this online or with personalized training.

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