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What help you to excel in IELTS reading, writing and speaking test?

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Best ielts coaching in chandigarh

We need not have to explain each time what significance IELTS holds in the manner to live your dream
for foreign. The band scored by you not help you to open your gateway for the better opportunity but
prevent huge expenses. Thus, just by scoring good band in your IELTS exam you will become to live your
dream in reality and get an opportunity to be in your favourite college in abroad. And, this all is possible
just by accessing your reading, writing and speaking skill test that together helps to score good band in
IELTS. Today, you can follow the points provided by the best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh that help you
to ace in your exam with the highest band, these are:


There are three reading passages with a total of 1500 to 2000 words and the academics reading module
takes 60 minutes. Mark the keywords in the questions like dates, names, places, etc. This way you will
get an idea of the type of information you will be looking for. First, read the question and then
remember it in your mind.

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Daily try to attempt one passage at least and try to do it in 20 minutes and do at least one hour of
reading daily in a quiet place & try to read at least 6 pages.


Together the IELTS writing task is also for 60 minutes where the candidate is provided with two task.
The second task is tough. Thus twenty minutes must be given on task 1 and 40 minutes on task 2 would
make a fine balance.

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Read the newspaper editorial and magazine articles on current topics, it will help you develop your
thoughts that help you for best practice for Task 2, which tells you to present an argument. Revise your
answers and correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes while keeping spare time for it.


There are total three parts of IELTS speaking test in which the first test is the introduction round where
they ask you your name, address, interests and occupation. Then comes the second part, you will be
provided with a sheet of paper and a topic to write on it. You have to speak for 2 minutes on the given
topic. Examiners ask you some questions on what you have talked about in third part.

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Watch English movies or English programmes on television to improve your English communication skills and to expand your vocabulary. The English that you use in your everyday conversation will help you in the best manner to ace your IELTS exam.

With well said above, nothing is impossible and it just your pursuance to achieve goals of life and make
your life different from others. These bands are based on the abilities that help to remove the barrier of
communication gap and letting you open more doors to success.

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